In accordance with the provisions of the UK Modern Slavery Act, FujiClean Co., Ltd. is issuing this statement with the aim of preventing human rights violations, including slave labour and human trafficking, at FujiClean Co. Ltd. and our subsidiaries.

  1. Overview of FujiClean and our supply chain

    FujiClean Co., Ltd. from Japan is a developer of onsite wastewater treatment technology and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems. Founded in 1961, FujiClean provides wastewater treatment solutions based on the technology we have cultivated through more than 60 years of history and experience in wastewater treatment projects. The FujiClean system has gained high reliability from its track record of more than several million systems installed worldwide. FujiClean continues to develop and provide wastewater treatment systems with optimal performance to leave a beautiful and safe water environment for future generations.

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    FujiClean procures materials for manufacturing wastewater treatment systems and blowers from domestic and overseas suppliers in accordance with our established "CSR Procurement Policy."
    Our Procurement Policy includes complying with domestic and international laws and regulations, abolishing forced labour and child labour, and prohibiting the use of products involved in crimes and conflicts.

  2. Policies in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking

    FujiClean Co., Ltd. respects all human rights and strives to eradicate human rights violations, such as slave labour and human trafficking, in its business operations in Japan and overseas. We are also committed to ensuring that our supply chain does not cause or contribute to human rights violations.

  3. Due diligence in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking

    We shall develop a PDCA cycle for human rights due diligence in our business and supply chain and implement the initiatives. We will carefully assess transactions that are considered potentially high-risk for modern slavery or human trafficking and take steps to prevent any human rights violations by refraining from participating in or supporting such transactions. We will also strengthen our organisational structure and initiatives to respond to suspected modern slavery or human trafficking promptly.

  4. Initiatives to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking

    FujiClean is committed to raising employee awareness of the importance of respecting human rights and preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. We have also established an internal reporting (whistleblowing) system and have a contact point for reporting various incidents, including human rights violations. This system is operated in a manner that ensures reporters (whistleblowers) are not treated unfairly. In addition, we regularly perform internal audits and surveys to pinpoint any problems and implement necessary improvements.

    May 21, 2024

    Masashi Goto, President
    FujiClean Co., Ltd.

This statement covers the following subsidiaries.